Parents' Testimonials

I am here to thank all the Teachers, Principal and the management firm conducting such online Classes for kids which is really very valuable. Kids were not able to Go to the school during this pandemic but they have enjoyed more and More in these online classes and have gained so much of knowledge. I have seen many changes in my daughter, she is always eager to know Things, she has been too attentive at everything. So, these classes have built her mind and personality… I am very thankful to SHARMEEN MA’AM for guiding my child So much, for coordinating in the classes, making her sit & study. I really appreciate the work of the entire JAIPURIA LITTLE ONE family for taking so much pains in building during these online classes to Make the kids learn so much…. Thankyou dear Principal ma’am, the Teacher and the management…


This is yusra fatima mother of mohd. Aarish of class nursery. I would like to thank the school and the teachers for developing the personality of My child. The academics and curricular activities organized by the school is very Helpful and important for the child’s overall development during this difficult period of covid-19. The activities has helped my child to stay connected with school And don’t forget what he has learned the previous year. I would like to thank the principal, management and the teachers for their Constant support in proper growth of my child.

Yusra fatima, Mother of mohd. Aarish

The FANCY DRESS COMPETITION was really amazing and interesting. This initiative been taken from the management and school staff is appreciable. I would rather say these type of compitetion helps kids to create awareness about how to perform and be presentative in stage and also reduces their stage fear so in this way also its helpful. In the competition ,I was given the opportunity to become one member of jury panel for which I am really thankful to the PRINCIPAL and the administrative for choosing me for the same. I noticed that kids participated very nicely and parents effort were seen too. All kids were very presentable, had good way of speech and even very confident .


I am “TASHI RIZVI” Mother of “NABEEL HAIDER ZAIDI” from class NURSERY. First of all I would like to say “THANKYOU” for each and everything you have done for my child in this tough times. I want to express my sincere gratitude for all the efforts you have taken during this academic year since day 1. HAIDER enjoys each and every class and is excited to learn new things. I really appreciate the way in which you helped him learn each and everything. I also thank you for encouraging him to participate in the class which “HE” thoroughly enjoys. HAIDER has lots of changes in his attitude and nature. He is doing a lot of “HARD WORK” He has become to o serious toward the class and the homework anh he always follows his “SHARMEEN MAAM” which she also notices and says in evry class. He has has to read and write during this online classes which is impossible for a child to do in this age…


I would like to really appreciate Principal ,teachers and team of little one taking so much effort for our kids in this tough time .The way Sharmeen ma’am teach in online class I’m veryhappy .Thank you so much for being so thoughtful and making these things easy for parents,but homework which she give is little more for him because every child has not same speed it takes lots of time in writing only don’t get time for orals. Thank you again to all of you for planning everything in such a thoughtful manner like activities and celebration of different festivals will bring students closer to traditional and cultural belief. A close bond is built between the students as they understand each other’s different customs. One more good step taken by school.

Sumaiya kamran, Mother of Mohammad Isa

All the activities you are organizing are really good .... And my child is learning a lot from them .... I am very happy that little One Jaipuria school is providing their best to their students , by doing such activities the children will grow their mental skills and they get to know many things that play an important role in their life...... you all are doing very well ... and there is huge improvement in Avaahan's nature as well as in his learning ability


l m preeti M/O Ansh Choudhary class pre-nursery.l want to thank Little One Jaipuria Pre-school Jajmau and to the Principal and the entire management especially Smiriti ma'am and Himamshi ma'am for the progress . He has started to talk and understand the words of other. Whatever activity you make him do is making him develop a lot .I m very happy with my child's progress.I m very grateful to you .My son is very lucky that he is a part of LITTLE ONE JAIPURIA

Preeti, mother of Ansh Choudhary

Hello Everyone! I am Owais Kazmi father of Humaira Kazmi studying in Pre – Nursery. Online classes are running very smoothly and its very beneficial for our kids…they are learning day by day and are doing lot many activities because of which there is no loss of their studies. Teachers are very co-operative and soft spoken. I am very satisfied with the entire process of online classes, and last but not the least a very big thanks to The Principal Ma`am, Teachers and all the team of Jaipuria Little One Jajmau.

Owais Kazmi father of Humaira Kazmi, Pre – Nursery

Dear Principal Ma`am, teaching and non teaching staff and the management of Jaipuria Little One Jajmau you people are very SMART

S – Special
M – Measurable
A – Achievable
R – Realistic
T – Time sensitive

Because you make CORONA as:

Padha Coro Na
Seekha Coro Na
Khela Coro Na
Hasa Coro Na

Really because of you people our children are gaining more and more knowledge day by day without wasting any time in this lockdown. The students learn in the beginning of lives influence their lives after as ‘child is the father of man’ (words worth says) You will feel proud when your these student will sit on some great position and becoming a good human being in future. These students will become good civilized citizens of our country. But without hard work nothing is possible so me and my family is genuinely thankful to you people for the efforts taken by you all and heartly thank to Smiriti Maam such a loving kind hearted and hard worker she is and Haider’s second mother in school thank you so much ma’am.

Sharmeen ma’am Haider’s new class teacher Haider loves her like her and fully dedicated for her class and studies.

You guys rock!!!

Tashi Zaidi mother of Nabeel Haider Zaidi, Nursery


It was always a great pleasure for being a part of a innovative school & the way Mother’s day was celebrated with high spirits & merriment during this lockdown period again made me thankful to you people. THANKYOU PRINCIPAL MA’AM & ENTIRE TEAM for making the day so special for me.


Thank you for planning such a wonderful surprise for me & all the mothers out there. It was a totally new experience for me to receive a cute surprise from my lil munchkin. I would like to convey my heartfelt thanks to principal & all the teachers for this wonderful idea of surprise plan. This was my firstever Mother’s day which will remain forever evergreen in my book of memory.


It was very nice surprise for me, I really felt so happy & special for the efforts done by my little angel & husband. I am very thankful to little one family.


I was quite happy to see the enthusiasm carried by my daughter during the Mother’s day activity done by her. As a parent I really appreciate the working & teaching ideas of school.


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