Our Curriculum

At Little One, our curriculum is derived from the best of early childhood practices across the globe, making it age-appropriate, highly child-centered and child-responsive, for their holistic development. Fully recognising that each child is unique, we bring to our children, a dynamic and ever-evolving curriculum, to suit their individual developmental needs.

Here, our teachers are facilitators who observe the children, listen to them, reflect and then offer them opportunities to experience, dig deeper and construct their further knowledge. Play with experiential learning in a musical environment, forms a firm foundation for implementation of our unique and state-of-the-art curriculum where both parents and teachers collaborate interestingly for growth of our children. Further, our nurturing environment with loving Mentors and Care - givers help us tap into each child’s potential, laying a strong foundation for them to become confident achievers!

Learning through play is an important part of our curriculum at Little One, as it not only enhances a child’s creativity and imagination, but also goes a long way in their social development. It is during play that the child learns to interact with his peers and adults in the environment and develops skills like team-spirit, sharing, caring and leadership qualities. Further, play helps children develop agility, physical and cognitive abilities, gross and fine motor skills, and overall healthy brain development.

Our Little One’s specially created curriculum includes exposure to various stages and types of play, throughout these important early years of children’s development. Hence, play in our preschool environment signifies “Child at Work”!

At Little One, we believe that each child is unique and therefore, cater to their learning styles, as per their need. While some children are visual learners, some may be auditory or kinesthetic learners. With a healthy teacher-to-student ratio, we are able to offer different learning styles to suit the needs of our children as also graded learning at each child’s his or her own pace. As a result, our students stay engaged, excited, and eager to learn. Our engaging lesson plans for early science, mathematics, language and literacy offer innovative modules which help pique the curiosity of our young learners. Some of the key components of our curriculum and our preschool learning environment are:

In today’s constantly changing social and economic scenario, there is a need to raise and prepare future global citizens who are knowledgeable, resilient and caring people, firmly rooted in their identity.

Towards this end, we aim to ensure that joy and happiness in learning is an in-built part of our innovative and uniquely designed experiential curriculum, which blends developmental science and traditional wisdom beautifully. The children enjoy the exposures so much that they look forward to coming to school, which is the first step towards learning. In the process, we pave the way for them to be able to grow up as happy and responsible citizens who are healthy and happy at the same time, caring towards others as well.

Further, our child-centered approach, promoting holistic development by meeting age-appropriate developmental needs of our children, forms the basic framework of our model curriculum, thereby ensuring higher wellbeing and happiness quotient in our children. Our children stand out and get exposure to the following basic activities:

A) Learning self-help and life skills

Our joyful, stimulating and experiential learning programmes help children become independent, confident and responsible decision makers. Our Montessori Activities Lab provides exposure to ‘Exercises of Practical Life’, which they really enjoy engaging in and build various life skills.

B) Learning of culture and language

Culture is the bedrock on which children build their understanding of their immediate surrounding and make sense of the world. Language, particularly, is the tool that helps children understand culture through communication and interaction with parents, adults and other children. Culture and language in our preschool environment are promoted through project based activities such as festivals, events, stories, songs, dance, music and art.

C) Learning about and from the environment

For children to grow up as individuals who understand, appreciate, respect and care for the environment, they need to have opportunities to experience, learn and observe such attitudes and behaviours, being exhibited and promoted. Therefore, our curriculum emphasizes and encourages learning from the environment, integrated in the physical environment, programmes and activities conducted by Mentors who are the correct role models.

D) Learning Mindfulness

Mindfulness training is basically meditation, which helps to maintain peace of mind, concentrate and maintain focus for longer time. The inclusion of mindfulness in the early childhood curriculum can help enhance attention span, concentration and clear thinking resulting in effective learning.

Affirmation and affection in the early years are crucial for healthy patterns of behavior and emotional stability, as also for preparing our children for the challenges of the outside world. Instilling in them an unshakable confidence through love and affection is one of the greatest gifts we can give.

At Little One, our unique and innovative curriculum has specially designed activities to ensure high social and emotional development, cognitive development as well as cultural and spiritual nurturing of our children. Our highly trained, loving and caring mentors nurture young children's growing minds by providing interactive and stimulating activities. They constantly acknowledge and recognize the children for who they are and what they do. Further, our preschool systems are designed to ensure that EQ of each and every child in our environment is healthy. To achieve this, we also seek our parental support and conduct regular parenting seminars and orientations to put everyone on the same wavelength.

Sharing is a vital life skill. Learning how to share, cooperate, take turns and persevere within a safe learning environment, guided by caring Mentors, is what a child gains at Little One preschool.

The joy of sharing in children is instilled through play way activities and games in our preschool environment where they imbibe important social behaviour, learn to wait for their turn, cooperate and share their toys and materials with each other, joyfully. This learning helps them to become more social.

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