Yoga, Origami and Colours: Learning becomes fun for Little Ones

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May 26, 2021
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Yoga, Origami and Colours: Learning becomes fun for Little Ones

During the pandemic, we have tried to make learning more interesting and joyful for our kids by coming up with a new idea – TECHNIQUE OF CHANNELISING THE ENERGY OF OUR STUDENTS through engaging sessions such as:


As students, children have immense potential of improving memory, concentration and focus. Yoga essentially rewires the brain and the body to help you live a happier and healthier life. While doing the Yoga activity the kids got to refresh their minds. Origami is very popular throughout the world, especially among children. It improves diligence and accuracy. It also develops the ability to think and find solutions and, more importantly, it sharpens their memory and imagination. Our Origami session was an exciting occasion for creativity. Likewise, the Colour Scavenger Hunt turned out to be a fun activity for our toddlers. It helped them learn about colours, colour order and sorting. Not only this, it helped in the development of their fine motor skills as well as sensory skills. These sessions kept our kids happily engaged and made them learn many new things.

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